Business Portrait Photography

Corporate Headshots, Events and Company Portraits

black and white portraitThanks for visiting my business portrait photography website. I’ve specialised in creating natural and relaxed business portraits for over twenty years now. Whether you need professional photographs for your website, for social media use, brochures or for articles, please get in touch. Anywhere where you wish to make a professional impression can benefit from professional business portrait photography.

What’s important with business portrait photography?

If you’ve ever looked for a business portrait photography service but hesitated  – then worry no more. All of our shoots are preceded by a chat and consultation so I can answer all of your questions. I’ll then be able to coordinate and set up the shoot to your needs. We’ll discuss the mood and style of the shoot. We’ll cover things like clothing (makes a big difference),  props and the location of the business portrait photography shoot. We’ll also consider how the images are going to be used so I can photography accordingly.

For personal brand photography for example, it’s important to coordinate the photographs around several themes. Some of these would be colour and mood, the style of the photographs and the composition of the finished images.

Pre-shoot Planning for your Business Portrait Photography Shoot

Our pre-shoot planning means everything runs smoothly on the day of the photographic shoot. It’s one reason why I am able to confidently guarantee the quality of my photographs. I understand that it can be a bit scary choosing a photographer for your business portraits. You’re investing in something that you can’t see until after the shoot and it can be worrying. My aim is that you will be delighted with the photographs.  I’ll do all I can to give you the confidence that you will be delighted with your images.

Whether you’re a consultant, entrepreneur, coach, trainer, speaker or business person it’s vital to project a professional image. It’s so important to all aspects of your on and offline presence. Genuine, relaxed and open looking business portrait photographs are essential to give the right impression.

The Importance of Photographic Technique and Lighting in Business Portrait Photography

I have 25 years of professional experience with business portrait photography. Depending on the style of the shoot,  I’ll use natural light, artificial light or a combination of these. The idea is to produce the perfect selection of photographs for you. I can confidently say I will spoil you for choice with the photographs!

I’ll design your images to be flattering and relaxed. I’ll use backgrounds to enhance the image, reduce any visual distractions and complement the subject of the photograph. Rest assured that no effort is spared in making the best portrait photographs for you. After all, these will be the focus of your online presence and convey your professionalism and character to your potential clients.