Family Portrait Photography

I began photographing family portraits not long after I started photographing weddings in the early nineties. It was such a pleasure, a year or two after the wedding, to be asked back to create the very first family portrait for my brides and grooms.

Since then I’ve been asked to photograph hundreds of families in the area (and further afield) and it’s always a joy to create beautiful family heirlooms that will be treasured forever.
Many parents are never in the picture because they are the ones taking the photograph 🙂
Commission a beautiful family portrait of you and the children now – there is no time to waste.

They say that parenthood comprises a series of goodbyes 🙂

Goodbye to your baby when they turn in to a toddler, goodbye when they’re older and spending more and more time away from home. Goodbye when they finally fly the nest.

Get in touch and let’s organise some beautiful family portraits before it’s too late.

  1. 1 As you know, if we’ve been chatting on the phone or in person, we have a session fee which goes towards the planning and preparation of your portrait session and your viewing session. Photographs aren’t included in the session fee – you get to see the results a week or two after the session and you can choose your favourites then. There’s no minimum spend and no obligation (and no hard sales).  We’ll chat before the portrait session and ideally meet in person to discusss things like the location, the style of portrait, the clothing (which makes a huge difference) and a few other things that will make your photographs the best you’ve ever had. Your family is unique and so it is with your portraits. We’ll fix a date for the portrait session itself and a time to get together (at my studio) to see the results and choose your favourite photographs. A family portrait is not something you do every day so a little bit of planning and preparation is well worth it.
  2. The portrait session itself will be relaxed and fun. There’s no hurry (no production line portrait sessions here!) so we’ll take as much time as is necessary to produce beautiful portraits of the family, together and individually. It’s a lovely opportunity to spend time together as a family. We all know how quickly time goes by. Your time together as a family goes by so swiftly, before you know it, children are growing up and leaving home and a portrait is something that only grows in value as the years go by. At the session itself you don’t need to worry about what to do, where to stand etc. I’ll be guiding you all as we go resulting in amazing family portraits that you will love.
  3. The viewing session is the chance to see all of your photographs and to choose your favourites. I can show you examples of our wall portraits and anything else you like. Everything is made to order and we can go through the various options available at this time.


I love to provide parents with beautiful, treasured images of their children. The session will be fun and easy – no stress or hassle.

Please get in touch (no obligation to book) and we will discuss a plan for your family photography together. We can shoot in our studio just outside of Reading in Berkshire or organise a relaxed at-home portrait session – often best for young children as they feel more secure in their own environment.

A shoot generally takes around an hour, give or take, the idea being is that we are in no rush. Our photography service is not a production line. The time is dedicated to you and your family exclusively.

For newborn sessions please plan whilst you are pregnant. Brand new babies are best photographed within 7 or 10 days of birth for maximum cuteness. We understand the unpredictability of feeding and sleeping at this time –  we will stay flexible to your schedule and create the pictures that you will treasure for ever.

Just to say thank you so much for our fantastic photographs, we are thoroughly thrilled with the quality! You have captured a moment in time for us that I know we will treasure for many years."
Lisa and Peter Standing
Wokingham, Berkshire

After the session we will meet to show you the photographs. They will have been edited, processed  and lovingly polished on the computer and prepared for your own dedicated viewing session.

From individual hand made prints, through  to stunning wall portraits you are sure to love your portrait photographs.

Prefer to do your own thing? You can now invest in individual high resolution files prepared and tweaked for perfect printing. You are free to make as many images as you like for you, the family and friends.

Credit/debit cards are accepted at your viewing session and we aim to have print orders ready withing two weeks, wall portraits in about four weeks. Everything is hand made to order – it takes a little longer but worth waiting for.

All of my work, the wall portraits and the photographic prints are backed by my guarantee – I want you to be delighted with your investment for now and for the decades to come.

"The photographs are brilliant, I am so glad we had this done!"
Lizzie Mead
Reading, Berkshire

Do you feel you had enough pictures of you with your parents?

Call me on 07889 364 269 for a chat about making some portraits for your children.


At your viewing session, I’ll help you choose the perfect size, frame and finish for your precious family portrait.

We have a session fee (depending on the type of portrait) which contributes towards the planning and consultation (vital to the finished results), the photography session on the day, the preparation for your dedicated viewing session as well as the viewing appointment itself. This work takes up to eight hours to complete but it’s well worth it when you see the finished images.

You will have the chance to invest in beautiful wall portraits, hand made photographic prints and digital files. Pricing for products starts at £65. Most of my families order a beautiful wall portrait, typically investing something like £400-£500 for a handmade framed photograph that fits perfectly (in size and finish) in your home. There’s no minimum order or obligation to buy.

All of our work is hand made to order. The digital files for our beautiful wall portraits are retouched and tweaked to look perfect. A photographic print is then made with perfect density, colour balance and exposure – no automatic settings here. The print is then sent to our framer who mounts it on board, cuts the chosen mouldings, glass and mount board to size and assembles the complete wall portrait.

It’s not the cheapest way of doing things but I want to create something beautiful and long lasting that you will have for the decades to come. By that time, the beauty and value of your portrait will be apparent.

Please call on 07889 364269 and I can give you further information, detailed pricing information and some ideas for your portrait session. I understand that what I do isn’t for everyone so no hard sell, no pressure (I promise).

...thank you once again for the stunning portraits of Joshua and Georgia...I know we will never tire of looking at them and I can't wait for our family and friends to see them."
Lindsay and Chris Wenstrom
Wokingham, Berkshire