Location portrait set up.

For a quick and efficient business portrait service at your office or home.

When we visit your offices for a corporate headshot or business portrait shoot, we’ll bring all the necessary equipment to ensure professional, relaxed photographs that allow the personality of your employees to come through.

Naturally we need a certain amount of free floor space to set up the photographic backdrop and lighting equipment and give us the room we need to create great looking, professional portraits. The backdrops are up to 2 wide and around 2.5m tall and we use high quality portrait lenses which need a little extra distance between the photographer and the subject to create a flattering perspective.

Our ideal space is about 3 metres by  3 metres (see diagram below). We can of course set up in a slightly smaller space but if you are booking a conference or meeting room for the shoot, please ensure that any large tables are collapsed or removed to allow for the room we need to create professional portraits. Because we usually rely on artificial lighting to ensure consistency, there’s no need for any natural daylight for the portrait area.

portrait setup diagram

At least one free electrical socket is needed and it’s important that the area we use is not in a ‘main thoroughfare’.

Unless the room has no windows, it’s not uncommon for the flash from our equipment to be noticeable around an open or semi open office.

We’ve noticed in the past that some individuals are sensitive to flashes so it’s worth checking if this might be a problem with any members of staff, particularly those who might suffer from epilepsy or a similar condition. Do let us know prior the session and we can suggest a workaround if necessary.


Simon Kemp

Professional People Photographer from Reading in Berkshire.